Management Team

At The Helm...

Glen Manchester

Founder & CEO

Not happy unless he's flying at Mach 6.04, Glen has revolutionised the customer engagement space and shows no sign of applying the brakes.

James Bodha

Chief Operating Officer

Those that can, do… and James certainly does more than most. Not content unless everything and everyone at Thunderhead moves as ONE.

Ray Gerber

Chief Product Officer

Ray’s CV reads like a copy of Rough Guide; from his native South Africa to the States; Amsterdam to Soho - he’s worked (and cycled) the globe.

Jason Hemingway

Chief Marketing Officer

Behind a well trimmed beard and a pair of well chosen specs lies a positively well composed CMO. Find out more about Thunderhead's CMO Jason Hemingway.

Danny Robinson

Chief Technology Officer

Nicknamed 'The Woodsman’, Danny’s keen ability to see the wood for the trees is legend; no easy task for a man who inhabits the deepest, darkest, depths of New England’s woodland.