ONE is a cloud-based engagement layer that works with and across your existing systems, liberating data from functional silos, it uses Artificial Intelligence to provide real-time analysis and actionable insight across individual customer journeys.

ONE lets brands understand, visualise, and optimise the customer journey in real time. It listens to a customer’s activity across all channels and touchpoints, building a view of what they look for: discovering interest, context and behaviour as they browse. ONE uses Artificial Intelligence to help you understand each customer’s true intent and orchestrate individual journeys for every customer, across every touchpoint in real-time.


  • Always know your customer's true intent

    behaviour & attributes

    Every customer signal, with context and in real-time, across all channels and touchpoints.
  • Take the right action at the right time

    in the moment orchestration

    Listen to your customers across every channel in real-time to orchestrate the best individual experience.
  • Remarkable time to value

    simplicity and speed

    See the impact of ONE quickly and deliver rapid, compounding value for your business and your customers.

ONLY Thunderhead's ONE can deliver truly intent-driven customer journeys to achieve true customer engagement.

How ONE works

Listen & ingest data across omnichannel customer touchpoints and external systems (CRM, CMS and others)

The Insight Engine captures and classifies the real-time insight and context of individual users including touchpoint, time and identity

The Customer Profile brings real-time insight and intent together with historical behavior (past activity, actions, device, location, responses) to inform the decisioning and orchestration engine

The Journey Viewer provides a real-time interactive journey visualization that shows key insights into individual and combined journey flows

Intent Analyzer harnesses AI to uncover a deeper level of actionable journey intelligence. Surfaces patterns of customer behaviour, builds intent-based audiences and predictive models, then prescribes enhanced orchestrations

Real-time Decisioning & Orchestration Engine delivers personalized and optimized conversations across all touchpoints. Uses an AI-driven learning model that predicts and delivers actions, offers and conversations to drive engagement.

How are brands
using Thunderhead?


18% increase in conversion rates

Personalized content.
Next best action.
Next best offer.


22% gain in CES for audience

Journey insight and optimization.
Remove pain points and barriers.


10% reduction in cost to serve

Average call handling time.
First call resolution.


59% uplift

Relevant and timely campaigns.
Targeted next best offers.


20% increase in customer satisfaction

Loyalty programs.
Improve CX.
Proactive customer service.


9% increase in cross-sell

Increase share of wallet.

Want a piece of that? Find out how to get started with intent-driven customer journeys. Download our How To Get Started Guide.

What You Need

  • Understand in-the-moment context for each customer,
  • Learn continuously using smart technology, algorithms, AI, and ML to understand how customer intent changes over time.
  • Take relevant action immediately in the context of their JOURNEY, not just the moment.
  • Scale infinitely across all channels, touchpoints and customers as your business grows.
  • Capture all signals, across all channels and touchpoints to unite all the signals for a true view of customer.
  • Empower your business by choosing your starting point and grow from there with self-service design for business users.

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