Connecting With Members – Wherever They Are

Building Societies are the very definition of ‘customer-centric’ businesses: members’ happiness has been fundamental from the beginning.

Already grappling with the scale and spend of high street banks, the market has been rocked by agile new competition. Meanwhile, digital and product innovation has impacted on members’ expectations for the local, personal service across a much larger, digital, estate.

The challenge: Maintaining a consistent, empathetic and relevant dialogue, from branch to call centre.


Customers navigate based on intentions - whether checking a balance, comparing products, embarking on an online buying journey or seeking resolution.

ONE allows building societies to understand members’ individual needs, connecting each intent-based journey across every channel. From this, the central ‘brain’ informs your staff or orchestrates content to deliver consistently great experiences.

Understand your customers’ true intentions

Eliminate guesswork as you understand actual customer journeys, not idealised ones…

Capture every single signal across all channels and touchpoints, producing real-time context to help understand, prioritise and direct successful journeys.

With ONE…

  • Visualise a single view of the customer journey and behaviour with deep level insights
  • An engagement layer over current systems to unify across every channel and touchpoints
  • Shift to an intent-driven customer-centric strategy.

Take the right action, at the right time

Respond in real time to support millions of seamless intent-driven journeys across billions of touchpoints. Take the right action at the right time with in-the-moment orchestration.

With ONE…

  • Understand ‘intent’ every time a customer interacts with your brand
  • In the moment orchestration – decisioning built on journeys
  • Truly omnichannel (from website to call centre).

Super-fast Impact On The Business

Get up and running quickly and simply with remarkable time to value.
ONE integrates easily with your existing investments and there’s no infrastructure setup or specialised expertise. Designed for business stakeholders, Thunderhead is easy and intuitive to use.

With ONE…

  • Simplicity and speed
  • Low barriers to implementation
  • Real-time, customer-centric journey orchestration
  • Personalisation based on the journey that means the brand is always relevant.

What’s the value
of transforming
customer relationships?

Members at the Heart of the Business
Building Societies require empathy and knowledge to build long term mutually beneficial relationships. This means building a picture across all channels: from branch to web, app to call center - and ONE creates this cross-channel insight with ease.

Building Societies differentiate on service levels and brand trust to a greater extent than banks, so delivering standout customer experiences needs to be consistent and appropriate across all channels, “from banner to branch”.

A customer-based journey approach ensures members feel understood and valued, driving CSat/NPS and ultimately, driving loyalty.

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