Nicknamed ‘The Woodsman’, Danny’s keen ability to see the wood for the trees is legend; no easy task for a man who inhabits the deepest, darkest, depths of New England’s woodland.

Landing in 2011 as Chief Architect for the ONE Engagement Hub, Danny has been forging ONE from day one. With the little spare time he found, Danny launched Thunderhead’s North American development division that same year, cultivating a task force of 40 engineers, operational experts and IT specialists.

As dawn broke on 2016, Danny’s role as Thunderhead’s CTO began. Switching as seamlessly as the New England seasons, Danny’s ability to morph from coder to architect; networker to hirer; whilst managing diverse teams with big ambitions saw Danny burgeon into more than just your average CTO.

With him, Danny brings over 20 years of software experience, countless large CRM implementations and a knack for combining the technologies behind CRM, BPM and real-time decisioning. It’s fair to say that Danny has seen and done it all, from coding through to product management, marketing and pre-sales for organisations including HP, Oracle, Chordiant and IntraLinks… to name a few.

Back in the wood, life is a lot simpler: 1xWife, 3xChildren, 1xSpaniel, 2xFish, countless bear, deer, porcupine, and coyotes. Okay, maybe not that simple.