Of Jason’s band John Peel once said “like your stuff lads, but the way it works is, I’ll call you”. Determined to never let a communication breakdown shatter his dreams again, a career in marketing emerged.

Behind a well trimmed beard and a pair of well chosen specs lies a positively well composed CMO. Jason embodies Thunderhead’s fierce entrepreneurial spirit, and collides it with an unrelenting desire to rip apart the norms of traditional B2B marketing.

After an 8 year ‘hop’ on the bruising trade room floor at Dow Jones Newswires, Jason skipped over to IntraLinks, the market leader in SaaS secure collaboration software, where he ran the European marketing department, before jumping onto the marketing floor at Thunderhead in 2011.

Originally responsible for the EMEA regional marketing team, Jason was soon appointed Global CMO, tasked with conducting the brand’s strategic output and go-to-market execution.

Maybe Mr Peel simply misplaced Jason’s number all those years ago. Either way, we’re happy about it, safe in the knowledge that he now only warbles to an audience of one.

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