Armed with a smile, not to mention a mean lefty serve, Ray (AKA “Stats”) delivers innovative, leading solutions in our current markets and beyond to maintain and develop Thunderhead’s reputation as a pioneering tech company.

As a strong leader with over 30 years of experience, Ray has built strategies that allow organisations to deploy new and innovative technologies. And after 30 years he’s still smiling.

A man used to wearing many hats, Ray has extensive expertise in customer relationship management, customer decisioning and self-learning, business process management, customer journey management and enterprise resource planning.

We think of Ray as a tech innovation and engineering ‘deity’ – it’s no surprise to us that he and Thunderhead are a match made in heaven. In 2014 he led a team of over 200 engineers to launch our cloud based ONE Engagement Hub and he was also responsible for growing the Thunderhead tech team by more than 400% since 2012.

Before polishing his teeth at Thunderhead, he cut them as Chief Technology Officer of Chordiant Software where he led the smooth transition of technology resources and software solutions after the acquisition by PegaSystems. He subsequently became VP of Customer Experience until joining Thunderhead in 2011.

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