Forrester Wave™ Reports: Customer Journey Analytics Platforms

Customer journey analytics are the next frontier in customer-obsessed insights* and understanding your customer through the lens of the journey is critical to customer engagement.

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There are brands that understand exactly what their customers are doing and those that bumble along in the dark. At Thunderhead we believe that the customer manages their own journey with you, but as a brand you should have the tools to understand each and every customer to create a valuable and lasting relationship with them.

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We’re a Leader and here’s why

In both reports, we scored amongst the highest in the strategy category.

In both reports, we received the highest score possible for technology, partner ecosystem, user research and planned enhancements.

In the Visioning Report, we receive the highest score in data fusion and among the highest scores in journey testing and optimisation.

You have a choice, make it ONE.


No matter how much we all like to think otherwise, we don’t really know our customers, do we? Organisations try to gain insight with customer journey mapping. At Thunderhead, we don't think that's good enough. We believe businesses need to understand and respond to the Customer Managed Journey. To find out more about the Customer Managed Journey and start on your road to enlightenment, download the Customer Managed Journey eBook now.

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