Webcast “It’s The Customer’s Journey Not Yours – The customer journey redefined”

customer managed journeys webcastWatch this webcast to learn more about why it’s the customer’s journey, not yours and to learn about a redefinition of the customer journey. Hear from speakers Ray Gerber, CTO, Thunderhead and Jason Ballier, Director, Solution Architecture, NA, Thunderhead. Moderated by Anthony Salas, American Marketing Association.

The Torch-Bearing Thoughts You’ll Hear:

  • Definition of customer journey, customer journey management and customer engagement
  • The Age of The Customer as context and what you need to be prepared for The Age of the Customer
  • The weaknesses of customer journey mapping
  • How real-time customer journey insights, self-learning and personalisation help
  • The role of journeys in customer engagement
  • Benefits of customer managed journeys with examples of how brands have benefited.

Webcast duration including Q&A: 1 hour

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