Read the ONE for Auto Use Case to find out how Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub will help you drive more meaningful and insightful customer relationships, within the dealership and far beyond, helping create a trusted and long lasting customer bond.


ONE for Auto

Imagine arming your showroom sales team with a complete picture of a customer’s car buying journey, an engine of insight and knowledge made available to them the moment a customer walks through the door. Real insight is essential when you consider that 1 in 4 new car buyers aren’t satisfied with the service they receive at car dealerships* and the average number of pre-purchase dealership visits has steadily dropped from 5 to 1*.

Despite these trends, the dealership is still a unique necessity, the best opportunity for a customer to really experience one of life’s larger purchases as well as benefit from the vehicle support offered over time. Shared insight between manufacturer and dealership is key; with only one chance to establish a relevant and engaging conversation, understanding exactly what a customer wants from the get-go is vital.

However, as important as they are, the dealership is simply another touchpoint, one in a long list that car buyers engage with on a journey that will include websites, mobile apps, emails, call centres, brochures and SMS. This list will only grow as automotive brands look to the future to provide innovative and sustainable ‘personal mobility’ solutions, that might include things like connected cars, vehicle usage data and charging points.

Longer lasting relationships

It’s no surprise then that car manufacturers are turning their attention to developing direct and longer lasting relationships with their customers and are seeking ways to better understand and connect with them.

This new direction highlights the challenge: to provide consistent and engaging experiences, fuelled by customer insight across all current and future touchpoints.

To cultivate a direct and engaging relationship with a customer, you need to know that customer. Easier said than done. In a world where new technologies are driving more and more customer touchpoints, each demanding that you operate across them at scale, how can you possibly do this and do this in a way that creates, fosters and maintains an engaged relationship with each and every individual interacting with your brand?

Our Solution

ONE captures and uncovers individual customer insight, intent and behaviour, across every channel and in real-time. ONE then helps brands create individual experiences that deliver value to both the customer and the brand - serving the customer what they actually want.

By doing this, across every channel and at all stages in a customer’s journey, a valuable, engaging and trusted relationship will develop – trust felt in the brand, trust felt by the customer that they are valued and treated as an individual wherever and whenever they interact with the brand. Engaged relationships such as these lead to greater loyalty, higher lifetime value, brand advocacy and customer satisfaction*.

How ONE does this:

• By listening to key customer activity, across all channels, ONE delivers insight and knowledge to the business user to take action, be it relevant to specific products and services (makes, models, service packages and finance options) or tailored to an individual’s interest in the brand story.
• As customers interact, ONE uses insight to select and execute, in real-time, relevant and engaging conversations that will personalise the customer’s entire experience and journey with you.
• Through its integration features, ONE delivers customer journey information, individual customer insight and next-best-conversations to your systems of record and also to the dealership staff and contact centres.
• We call it the ONE Engagement Hub for a reason, not only does it listen to customers as they interact with you but it listens to wider key customer activity from your other systems. For example, when someone books a test drive over the phone, ONE will listen out for that action and personalise all future experiences that customer has with the brand, gearing them up for their test drive.

With these capabilities ONE recommends the best way to talk to your customers by:

• Understanding and analysing a customer’s journey; for example, unearthing the vital insight that led them into your dealership, highlighting what worked, reasons why someone dropped off or hit a bottleneck.

• Presenting this insight to your sales, service or marketing teams; a customer’s desires in the moment are revealed, helping you talk to them more effectively.

• Unveiling the anonymous digital activity of prospects and customers, enabling your staff to effectively market, service and sell to them.

This immediately improves your ability to understand each individual customer. Our solution sits across the systems of record you already rely on, and despite them not being designed with the omni-channel customer journey in mind, our engagement layer will unify all of your systems, helping your sales, service and marketing teams gain a holistic view of each and every customer to deliver consistent, valuable conversations every time.

By understanding everything from changing vehicle preferences to specific customer desires, Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub will help you drive more meaningful and insightful customer relationships, within the dealership and far beyond, helping create a trusted and long lasting customer bond. It’s time to accelerate the relationship between you and your customers.

Everyone talks about Customer Engagement but we wrote the book on it, built our solution to deliver it and this is how we define it:

An on-going, value driven relationship between a customer and a business, which is consciously motivated according to the customer’s reasons Websites and choices.


About Thunderhead

Thunderhead’s intuitive ONE Engagement Hub joins up web, mobile, high street and contact centre customer experiences, connecting them with your existing CRM system, giving you a multi-dimensional view of all your customers. It allows you to act on an individual customer’s needs in real-time. Effortless engagement just got personal.

*McKinsey & Company – Innovating Automotive Retail. Journey towards a customer-centric, multi-format sales and service network.


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