Catch up with expert Guest Speaker Paul Greenberg, ‘Bestselling author of CRM at the Speed of Light’, talking about customer engagement.
“What it’s really valuable for is understanding human interaction and human journeys, and that’s what this has always really been about, the customer part’s just the business aspect.”

Paul Greenberg on ONE Live Lounge at ThunderheadEnter your details to access ONE Live Lounge, Paul Greenberg, bestselling author of ‘CRM at the Speed of Light’ discusses customer engagement, where to start and how to build an organization-wide culture to support the strategy.

Paul answers these common customer engagement questions:

  • What do today’s customers expect from brands?
  • How do you define customer engagement?
  • What’s important about customer journeys?
  • What’s the importance of value to the brand and the customer?
  • Where should you start when building a customer engagement strategy?
  • How do you build a culture to support customer engagement?
  • What technology is having an impact on customer engagement?

Video duration: 20 minutes

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