It’s time for the Utilities sector to inject some energy into customer relationships and generate long-lasting partnerships. Read this Utilities Sector Customer Engagement Use Case to find out how ONE can help.


The power and utilities sector has been turned on its head in recent years; de-regulation, financial pressures, and competition from distributed generation (solar) and other third-party service providers have all played their part, not to mention a surge of customer expectation.

Customers have come to expect a level of service from their energy provider equal to that provided by organizations in other industries. Websites with self-service capabilities, mobile apps offering instant access on the go and quick, easy online chat functions are just a few examples of the support channels now considered ‘basic’. However, with many power and utility companies regularly at the foot of customer satisfaction polls* there is clearly a gap between what customers expect from their utility company and what they’re getting.

*2015 UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI)

With increased competition and the ease with which customers can switch providers, this is a challenge every utility company needs to address.

Providing a seamless and consistent customer journey across every touchpoint and integrating the technology necessary to do so is one of the greatest challenges facing utility companies today. Cost-effective and flexible solutions that can be managed with agility in a rapidly changing operating environment are key.

If customer satisfaction scores are to rise from their apparent depths, it’s imperative that utility companies employ the strategy and the tools to help them gain a complete 360-degree view of each and every one of their customers as they traverse any and every touchpoint on their journey, ensuring that conversations are seamless and consistent between channels, improving each and every interaction over time.

Power to the People

A number of factors influence a customer’s opinion of their utility provider: call center responsiveness; bill accuracy; and, above all else, faith that their water will run hot and their lights will light up in the morning. But the prevalence of connected devices has given customers new standing as perceived partners in the power delivery process.

Social media has opened up a powerful feedback channel as well as offering a cheap information dissemination tool in times of need. Mobile apps allow customers to pay bills and gain insights about their consumption habits, helping them to take control of their power supply.

Choice, flexibility, real-time information, personalized insights, and high levels of customer service are prized and expected whilst access and ease of these functions will only grow.

Staying Power

Utilities clearly crave loyal and long-lasting relationships with their customers. With more and more customers adopting self-financed renewable energy and distributed energy resources, utility companies are becoming increasingly interested in achieving true customer engagement that will sustain their relevance well into the future.

So, how can utility companies address the gap between what customers expect from them and what they actually deliver?

The simple answer is to open up a genuine and useful dialogue with their customers and develop listening skills to enhance customer insights, helping inform each and every conversation. Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) has been designed specifically to help bridge this gap.

How ONE does this:

• By listening to key customer activity, across all channels, ONE delivers insight and knowledge to the business user to take action.

• As customers interact, ONE uses insight to select and execute, in real-time, relevant and useful conversations that will personalize the customer’s entire on and offline experience and the multiple journeys they take with you.

• Through its integration features, ONE delivers customer journey information, individual customer insight and next-best-conversations to your systems of record as well as to your customer facing engineers in the field.

• We call it the ONE Engagement Hub for a reason, not only does it listen to customers as they interact with you but it listens to wider key customer activity from your other systems.


With these capabilities ONE recommends the best way to talk to your customers by:

• Understanding and analyzing a customer’s journey; unearthing the vital insight that led a new customer to you in the first place, highlighting what worked or the reasons why someone dropped off or hit a bottleneck.

• Presenting this insight to your sales, service and marketing teams; a customer’s desires in the moment are revealed, helping you talk to them more effectively.

• Unveiling the anonymous digital activity of prospects and customers, enabling your staff to effectively market, service and sell to them based on a detailed understanding of what they are trying to do.

• Engaging our adaptive self-learning model, which will help you deliver relevant and consistent conversations, based on previous customer interactions and responses to personalized experiences, to drive meaningful and valuable engagement with new prospects.

Fuel for thought

This immediately improves your ability to understand each individual customer, from those who have recently joined to those that might be having issues and looking to jump ship. Such insight doesn’t merely span their gas and electricity consumption but has the potential to cover their needs or desires for other services such as boiler care, household insurance options and plumbing. By understanding your customer’s needs in the moment your ability to offer the right product at the right time becomes effortless.

Our solution sits across the systems and technology you already rely on, and despite them not being designed with the omnichannel customer journey in mind, our engagement layer will unify all of your systems, helping your sales, service and marketing teams gain a holistic view of each and every customer to deliver consistent, valuable conversations every time. It’s time to inject some energy into the relationship with your customers and generate a long-lasting partnership.

Everyone talks about Customer Engagement but we wrote the book on it, built our solution to deliver it and this is how we define it:

An on-going, value driven relationship between a customer and a business, which is consciously motivated according to the customer’s reasons and choices.


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