Analyst firm Ovum publish report: why consider the ONE Engagement Hub?

At Thunderhead we're leading the movement to transform customer engagement. Our customer journey analytics and real-time orchestration capabilities are the next frontiers for engagement and an opportunity for brands to get ahead.

So why consider ONE as your Customer Engagement Hub?

In this report Ovum summarize the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for the ONE Engagement Hub. The report discusses our unique approach that allows brands to understand customer behavior and act on intent to optimize customer journeys.

Download your copy now to find out what ‘gives ONE the edge’.

What you will learn

Ovum describe Thunderhead’s five-phase process, from customer listening and journey analysis to omnichannel interaction and orchestration. ONE is summarized as ‘working across a brand as a real-time, centralized journey analytics, orchestration and decisioning engine.’ It also covers how Thunderhead uses AI and Machine Learning to discover patterns of customer behaviors, strengthen intelligence and orchestrations. Read the report and you will learn:

  • The Ovum market view
  • Recommendations for Enterprises – why consider Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub?
  • SWOT Analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  • Data sheet – key facts about Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub.

Ovum SWOT Assessments are independent reviews carried out using Ovum’s evaluation model for the relevant technology area, supported by conversations with vendors, users, and service providers of the solution concerned, and in-depth secondary research. The Ovum report is authored by Mila D’Antonio, Ovum Principal Analyst, Customer Engagement. 

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