Read this Travel case study to find out why Titan Travel chose Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE) to understand each and every one of their customer’s ‘trip intent’ and provide a personalised experience across all their communication channels. Download the printer-friendly PDF here or read on. 

Riding The Waves With Titan Travel
ONE Engagement Hub Case Study

Placing the customer at the centre of the relationship is in the DNA at Titan Travel, but to remain true to their values, build lasting relationships and outsmart the competition, Titan Travel decided to rock the boat.

Commonly, holidays sold by British tour operators focus on the destination and are aimed at the international market with multilingual commentaries, broad itineraries and locally contracted hotels and tour managers resulting in a generic traveller experience.

Titan Travel are different. Their well-travelled staff know their destinations inside out and hand-pick the best hotels, airlines, trains and cruises, designing their excursions to include aspects that are of particular interest to the British traveller.

Recently however, competing tour operators have jumped on the Titan Travel bandwagon, offering replicated or similar packages at a lower price. It was imperative that Titan Travel took the initiative, to remain true to their values and demonstrate their complete commitment to understanding the British traveller’s genuine needs better than anyone else.


The vision for Titan Travel was simple: to understand each and every one of their customer’s ‘trip intent’ and provide a personalised experience across all their communication channels.

So, How Did Titan
Rock The Boat?

To do this Titan Travel turned to Thunderhead’s ONE Engagement Hub (ONE): it’s our cloud-based solution that connects customer insight, context and real-time journey behaviour across all customer touchpoints.

With ONE, Titan Travel started listening to their customers as they travelled across the brand’s digital and physical channels, helping them build a clearer picture of each and every person as well as identify previously anonymous customers by stitching together their interaction history. Armed with a boatload of fresh new learnings, Titan Travel began tailoring their outbound communications, personalising emails and their website which immediately started to drive more effective conversations with their customers and prospects.

As a result of insight gathered...

Within just a few days of using ONE, approximately £9,000 worth of incremental holiday bookings were seen as a result of placing a customer’s browsing behaviour, for example which holidays they had shown an interest in, in the hands of the outbound call centre team. This proved that by having a personalised and relevant conversation, connecting a customer’s online and offline journey, Titan Travel could generate an extra £1.5million revenue per year just by making one extra booking a day.

Over the course of 12 weeks, email and web recognition of previously anonymous online interactions increased from zero to seven percent, that’s 20,000 unique customers identified. Titan Travel were riding high, bolstered further by a ground breaking 5,242 email sign-ups in just one month after launching their personalised website capabilities.

Ripples were felt far and wide at Titan Travel, as ONE championed the way in which teams already worked with one another. Armed with a heightened level of customer insight, ONE reinforced the bonds between Titan Travel's sales, service and marketing departments.

Every Second of The Day ONE Helps Titan To:

  • Provide sales teams with leads to customers who started their booking online, but may not have completed.
  • Understand in real-time why customers are interacting with Titan Travel and what they are looking at…
  • Provide email teams with insight on customers who have shown product-level and geography-level interest, requested a brochure and shown interest in a blog, to enabling them to send targeted e-shots to relevant customers.
  • Enable marketing teams to investigate what online information, including customer behaviour, would be useful for the sales teams to know to improve customer conversions.
  • Provide direct mail teams with leads to customers who have specifically read blogs on the website, helping to have relevant direct mail conversations.


"Titan has used ONE to make big leaps forward in our ability to recognise previously anonymous web visitors and join up their journeys across channels. We’ve seen real business benefits and have been able to have more meaningful conversations with both existing and potential customers.I’m proud of the work we’ve done with Thunderhead and see it as the start of a longer-term drive towards better recognition and personalisation – and ultimately, a better experience for our customers."



Customers don’t talk to you because they like you, they talk to you because they need something; they need it now and on the platform that suits them.

At Thunderhead we join up web, mobile, high street and contact centre customer experiences, connecting them with your existing systems giving you a multi-dimensional view of your customers.

Our intuitive ONE Engagement Hub allows you to act on the right customer need at the right time. For the first time, customer relationships can be effectively managed at scale.

Now you can talk to your customers as individuals. Effortless engagement just got personal.

Headquartered in London, Thunderhead serves its customers from offices located in North America and Europe.

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